Searching for myself/my work account


Searching for myself/my work account


This is driving me crazy!


I have and account set up under this facebook name:


But when I use it to search for myself I can't find me, and when I use my personal Virgin Media premium account I can't find the cab vol one either. Am I blatantly missing something here? I have created a bunch of playlists I want the other account to subscribe to but I'm getting nowhere fast.

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Hi herrflik - The Facebook page you have linked to is a business profile. Spotify accounts can only be created with individual Facebook profiles as it is for personal use only. 


Still, if you are signed in as another user, you should be able to see your own account profile. Just enter 'spotify:user:xxxxx' with your username into the Spotify search bar. 


Just be sure the playlists you want have been published. In the app click on your username > Profile > Edit. All published playlist will have a green tab next to the title.