Seriously! No Darren Styles?


Seriously! No Darren Styles?

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Spotify, please add another album for Darren Styles.


There is already album of Darren Styles available in Finland with track You're My Angel!



But seriously where is album Feel The Pressure. Especially I like a song Sorry.



Make this available in Finland NOW!!!


Enjoy song "Sorry" in YouTube:


Please do it!!!

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As you're aware, this decision isn't down to Spotify - The rights holders of the album in Finland would have to make the choice to make that album available on streaming services, such as us. 

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That's sad. Why they force us to YouTube? I like Spotify and I want to listen this artist. Or do they not want money for streams from Finland?


I hope they change they mind soon. Darren Styles is best!!! I just enjoy and cry with music like this.