Short Story + EP = Unique Experience


Short Story + EP = Unique Experience

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I've found a great way I enjoy writing and producing music, for myself. It involves writing up a short story, one that speaks to you, and then writing the music around key points in the story. Here's the short story I wrote for my recent release - here's the EP to enjoy with it.


The Story behind 'Ancient Artifacts' :


Queen 'Akasha' ruled across the lost continent of Lemuria. An ancient civilisation that would never dream when asleep unless within the magically infused 'Lemurian Emerald'. Crafted in the high temples of Central Lemuria also known as 'The Finest of Dreams', the emerald had the power to let human beings dream when asleep. Every being in all of Lemuria could, only then, dream.


All but Queen Akasha could dream. She possessed the powerful ‘Ring of Memory’ in which she mounted the emerald onto her ring, in a jealous attempt to access the emeralds power and attain the ability to dream, she had imprisoned every mind of every Lemurians into the emerald and yet still failed to dream - Not one soul ever woke except a true born princess, Ythyla.


The rightful bloodline to the throne Ythyla The 'Child of Light' had been gifted the 'Embrace' Sword when she was young - a crafted relic forged for the purpose of destroying the Lemurian Emerald should it ever be needed. Her father had passed it down to her just as his father before him. With Ythyla awake, she had a puzzled memory of her dreams and struggled to understand the meaning of them. Slowly over the days after she woke, her purpose became clear. She must destory the 'Lemurian Emerald'. // To be continued...


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