Shuffle function & HELP


Shuffle function & HELP


Dear Spotify, 


I love to use the shuffle funtion in my large playlists, such as favorites, etc. 

Unfortunately shuffle is really terrible at this moment. If seems that it constantly goes around in circles on the same number and always the same tracks. So what's the point of having it? 
I would like to shuffle my playlist so, that the track number is randomly selected, but as soon as the track was played, it should not be played in the same session. Which now often happens.. And also sometimes I get a feeling that there is some sort of predefined order on how tracks are selected, because again, with suffle i always get the same tracks and the others get never played. 

This holds for all my devices and all bigger playlists..
I would very much appreaciate to get a reponse from you on why this is happening (what algorithm are you using), or even better that you could take a look at this issue with your developers team

Thank you in advance. 




p.s. now, when i was trying to post my message.. I found it extremely difficult to navigate on this community page and find the ways to ask questions, or find help from your customer support.. 
I think this website could still benefit from good UXer as it seems to lack intuitive, well designed inferface. 

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