Six things that Spotify could do to win the music streaming war


Six things that Spotify could do to win the music streaming war


It is so unfortunate that Spotify truely has the potential to become the goto company for music listening on any device and platform but they simply ignore very basic but needed feature/bugs. For me there are 6 things that simply bug the hell out of me and cause me to go look at the competitors services. Here is my wish list for Spotify which would make me a customer for life:


  1. Remove the 10 000 limit of songs we can add to the "Your Music" section. I cannot stress this enough how important is to not have a limit to "our" collection of music. What good is a music collection if it has a limit. Here is the thread about this issue.
  2. Match the competition's feature of allowing users to upload their own music to a cloud service. Google, Apple, Deezer and XBox music support this.
  3. Add personal listening information about the songs we have played. This issue is available in Google Music and its awesome, it makes any playlist or album feel "alive" as it has your mark on it. Also since your relationship with seams to be on the fence (the removal of desktop apps which included a application)
  4. Return the Ctrl+F filtering in the desktop application EVERYWHERE. We want to be able to filter any playlist or the "Your Music" section easily. For hte love of god this is available in the mobile versions ofyour service. Edit: it looks like this feature will be brough back, thank god.
  5. And finally some design sugar :). Add a simple button on every artist's page which links to our "Your Music: Artist" page. You have this in the reverse order ("View artist [age").
  6. "Your Music" genre sorting. This is way over due feature to be missing in todays market. Simply add it you have the genre details as we can search by them. Here is the idea post, as it states "Good idea, give it some Kudos"


There are couple more small issues like the removal of the "Go to replacement" option of the right click context menu in the desktop application but I could live without it if its so darn hard to return it but the other 6 points I made are my "killer" features that are missing in Spotify.


Make this short list happen and I assure you your customers will love you for it. I am sure one will for sure.

If you like using the "Your Music" feature have in mind that you are LIMITED to 10 000 tracks. If you want this to be fixed vote for this post
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I've run into the same problem which is outragous. I'm ready to look elsewhere. I could not find on the site where there was a limit to the amount of music that you could save. What a waste of my time.