So i had this little crazy idea...


So i had this little crazy idea...

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I was there on Spotify thinking about new playlists and mixtapes and a ideia came: what if i do a sort of radio station with daily shows at as spotify playlists? Well, I started. Everyday I'll post a quick list of 5 songs (to have 20-30 long) from monday to friday, each day a theme/mood genre based I chose based in, well, my personal tastes.  I've set up like, now, a fanpage on Facebook to update and publish the daily releases, so everyday we'll have a quick playlist in your feed. 

The schedule i made up and yes, it's a little "diverse" :

MON - rock (indie, post-punk, protopunk, experimental rock, postrock, e t c)

TUE - World, or as I prefer, Musical Turism (music from all over the world)

WED - Slowdown (chill-ish or sad-ish, varing from trip-hop, r&b, jazz, ambient, acoustic, low bpm all the way)

THU - Tech, experimental, noisy, dark-ish, not for sensitive ears day 😃

FRI - Thanks Spotify it's Friday day, from fresh pop to ageless dance music, house classics and hidden gems.


Hope to find another nice guys to enjoy on mon-to-fri basis or at least a couple week-days =P


So follow RandomTrack at Facebook or follow me at Spotify to get notify!

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Nice idea, only i don't have time to listen to it. Have to listen to my 'own' music, but goodluck with it!

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever