Some local files disappeared after latest update


Some local files disappeared after latest update


So this morning I bought a videogame soundtrack on steam. I made a playlist, synched it to my iphone, and listened to it while at work. When I got home I opened the desktop version and got a prompt to update spotify. I did.


I went back to that same playlist (on the desktop version), and noticed that about thirty songs from that playlist had disappeared. They also won't show up in my local files anymore. I didn't change anything about where the files are located, they're still in the same map in my music library. I tried adding the map as a source seperately, instead of just music library (which should contain all of them anyway).


Just what the heck happened? I can't get those thirty tracks to show up anymore, it's driving me crazy. The synched playlist on my phone still shows all of them, btw, but I wonder how long that'll last.


What should I do?


Thanks in advance,


Someone severely frustrated with the local files trouble new updates always seem to give them.

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