Song playing is not correct - Soilwork "Sworn to a Great Divide"


Song playing is not correct - Soilwork "Sworn to a Great Divide"

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For the album "Sworn to a Great Divide" by Soilwork, none of the songs are actually what their title says. It appears that the files were named incorrectly. Below is a list of the listed song (first column) and the song that is actually being played (second column). Not sure if this is the place to put this, but figured I'd share


sworn to a great divide - beloved scapegoat
exile - pittsburgh syndrome
breeding thorns - i, vermin
beloved scapegoat - light discovering darkness
pittsburgh syndrome - as the sleeper awakes
i, vermin - silent bullet
light discovering darkness - sick heart river
as the sleeper awakes - 20 more miles
silent bullet - sworn to a great divide
sick heart river - exile
20 more miles - breeding thorns

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That is a very detailed report! I am going to move it over to the Music Chat board since this is not directly relating to the Web Player.


The tracks will need to be corrected by the record label, the best place to report these type of things so that Spotify can pass them on is by following the steps outlined in this post.




Move: Web --> Music

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