Songs added without my consent


Songs added without my consent


I am a Premium Spotify user. I download songs and access them through the 'Your Music' link at the bottom of my screen on my iPad. I haven't bothered creating playlists or playing other people's playlists. For months, I've loved the service and I use it daily.


But over the last couple of weeks, every time I go to Your Music there is 1-5 new songs at the top of my list that I did not choose. Songs so far from my taste that I can't even imagine Spotify suggesting them to me. 


Of course, I've looked through all my settings and can't find anything to suggest than Spotify are adding them to my list. So what's going on? Has this happened to anyone else? Have I been hacked by some passive-aggressive rap-lover?


Added is a screenshot of today's offending song.


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