Songs stop during play several times


Songs stop during play several times


 Good morning,

Three times this week my Spotify has ceased playing during the evening.

When I go to my playlist and click on the next song, or even the same song, nothing happens! There is a message across the top of the screen telling me XXXXX (next song in my list)  will be played after the ad break.....which would be fine, except there are no ads either!! Once it has stopped there is complete silence and there's no getting it back, I've tried closing it altogether and starting again, but no change at all.

When I tune in next morning, all has been re-set to start at the beginning again, but no explanation as to why it stopped!

Anyone else having a similar problem?

It's just so annoying!!



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Hey there. Many thanks for your message.


It looks like you use Desktop app? It might worth to full re-install app. Do this.


- Go to Uninstall Programs in Windows.

- Remove Spotify.

- Reboot your PC.

- Install new Spotify form

- Log in to app.


Also before reinstall, try to see Internet connection status when this problem exists. Maybe Internet is down at this time? When problems in Internet connection, like no Internet, Spotify will usually block you from playing anything and plays track when Intternet connection is back & running.


You need at least 0.5 Mbps Internet connection to stream Spotify. If you do other things at same, you may get some streaming errors and problems at this speed. If possible, try to get faster Internet connection (more than 1 Mbps to phone and more than 8 Mbps to personal computer. I have 100M/5M at home and 21M/5M at smartphone and no problems with stream.


Hope this works. If no, let me know.


this guy seems to have all the anwsers....which is pretty stinking awesome!!!!!!


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Hey there.


I'm glad I helped you.


Have a great time 🙂