Speech Samples Appreciation Thread


Speech Samples Appreciation Thread

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Hey guys!


I was just listening through one of my playlists, and I realised just how much a speech sample can add to the depth of a song. I personally think this technique is underappreciated, so here I want you to post your favourite song which uses spoken word samples, be that from a speech, or something else!


Mine is Gyre by Nothing More, which uses a clip from an Alan Watts lecture:



Another one I like is Challenger Part 1 - Flight by We Lost the Sea:



Show me some of yours!

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I guess David Byrne & Brian Eno's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts introduced me to this technique. But, for me, Steinski was the first master — if for no other reason than he was doing it in the day when he had to splice the tape rather than sample digitally.

These two tracks, for instance, are just chilling.
spotify:track:4UktUvt2k9pfLvrThjsxIY:small spotify:track:3psobdIfFjThv1jvNX5Wk6:small

Of course, Living Colour's "Cult of Personality" is pretty great, too.

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Oops sorry, I read to quick, you wanted Spoken word samples in songs themselves. Not whole songs in Spoken Word format.