Spotify Feedback: Native Desktop App


Spotify Feedback: Native Desktop App

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I'm new here. So I've submitted an idea, regarding a native desktop for Mac specifically. I figured that the idea might have been discussed before, but the one I saw was 2 years ago in 2013. So I decided to post it anyway, because the app is really really sluggish.


I came back from work, and saw the reply. Marked as "Duplicated Idea: Case closed". The reply was, this idea has been discussed before and Spotify team decided not to create a native app. I opened the link, and it was that same exact post that I saw from 2013. On that thread, it says that we should see "noticeable" improvement for the desktop apps in the future. 

I still don't get it though. A duplicated idea because it has been proposed 2 years ago? Even though I see no improvement whatsoever in the desktop app this year, on 2015? And I saw lots of new ideas being approved. Add new features mostly. So instead of make the app faster, using better technology that's available since 2 years ago, you guys decided to add more features?


Feel free to close this anyway, it's not like I can comment and discuss about it further anyway.


But still. Seriously?

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