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All day I have tried to purchase a premium subscription after enjoying my free trial! I have registered my new card details and hit the button but cannot get it to do anything other than log in to Facebook! I have had no communication from Spotify and am losing the will! Very disappointed in what I thought was an amazing service!
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Hi Kendal - Please try logging into the Spotify website before trying that upgrade. Just select the gray 'Log in' button in the top right-hand corner. 


Once you've logged in with your FB details select 'subscription' from the dropdown menu. You should then be able to upgrade from there. 


If you're still having trouble please let me know. 


Hi i have the Problem, that i have a premium account, i also spended the money i have to, but my premium account is expired and the money already given to you for this month, but theres still no premium account!!

i am very sad and mad about that! please fix this problem fast!


I recently bought an premium gift card, and every single time I try to redeem the code all of a sudden an error pops up saying: the connection failed, please try again in a few minutes. 


Do you have a solution for this, so I can actually upgrade my account?

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Hey 🙂


There has been issued with the premium code redemption system since last week. It appeared to be working again this morning, however, it now appears that the server is overloaded with so many people trying to redeem.


I would suggest you wait until later tonight or tomorrow, then if its still not working, contact the team directly using the online contact form.



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