Spotify is ridiculously good


Spotify is ridiculously good


So I'm an old-school cd guy, but working full-time I found I could not keep up with the latest releases and my music was always getting stale too fast.


Finally I decide to try spotify, and I am so blown away by how good everything has been so far.


All the music I could want, all album art is hi-res and the tags are all correct. My music is now on my work phone, home tablet, PS4, work computer, and even my laptop which is freaking linux! I'm sure I'm going to start missing some features as time goes on but I just had to say how asolutely blown away I've been by how good my expereince has been so far.


Especially on Linux, this is by far the best-looking and neatest music player I've managed to find. I rate this over clementine, amarok, rhythmbox, and audacious (for the UX). I mean, just look at it!

I never write stuff like this, but you guys deserve to hear it.

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I agree that Spotify is the best-looking and finest music (streaming) player... It's so good to queue whatever the hecq you want, and the dark UI(!) and Discover Weekly have set my expectation bar very high...

I'd honestly want to find something similar to Spotify, but purely for my local files as well. Most of them are wave files which Spotify doesn't support. So far I've settled on Foobar2000...


But seriously, that dark user interface... It makes using Spotify at night a real pleasure! I wish programs that I tend to use would have a dark UI by default, or at least as a choice (and not by tweaking the registry!).

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