Spotify made of steel in the finance crisis?


Spotify made of steel in the finance crisis?

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Nobody has probably been undergone that the world is in one of the worst financial crisis ever. The most stable and etablished companies ever in history, the ones who built up the wellfere in the wellfere countries, is collapsing one after one, millions of employees become unemployees and governments all over the world is facing an rapid increase of people who lost their jobs. Like a wildfire, the situation spreads fast, as when people become unemployed, they tend to stop consuming unneccessary services which means other business has to close and fire people, and the evil whorl spreads.


So in this financial crisis, It's like a miracule Spotify job section is growing every day. I see new job vacancies appears like flowers from the ground, very mystic in this enormous crisis. How can Spotify grow so fast with so much new features, when the wildfire is killing banks, major companies and put the whole world into a dark financial depression.


I'm not pessimistic but hopeful. All I wonder, how long time will Spotify still grow before they also will be dragged into the growing dark black hole of financial crisis? An unemployeed chooses food before a Spotify Premium account, but I might be wrong?


My answer of this very special inquery is:

Spotify is medicine to the mind like food is to the body!

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