Spotify on Argentina - List of available discography


Spotify on Argentina - List of available discography



  When Spotify come to Argentina, as an official anouncement, I feel like my wishes come true. I tried since Spotify was made to use an account (on that time, only available on UK ).

  I signed up for a premium account after a few days after official anouncement that is official on my country.


  But, I realize than great artists like AC/DC, The Beatles or some more new like Linkin Park have Unavailable Discography.


  Is there any way than in the short term, this and more artist added to Argentina catalog?


  And please, don't remind me of play Local Files, I know I have that option... but it's not the expected experience for me if I suscribe to a "streaming music" service. 🙂


  Thanks in advance! Keep growing! and have a wonderfull new year!

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Spotify are always adding new content, not sure what is going on with Linkin Park but AC/DC and The Beatles aren't available in any country on Spotify.

Things get better with time, you will find the longer the service is around the more content becomes available as new deals are reached.

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Thanks Peter for so fast response!


So sad about Beatles or AC/DC.


About Linkin Park, or others ... Are there any issues about country agreements? Is there any plans to resolve in short terms?


Will hear your advice, and try to keep and discover a long term service. 🙂