Spotify remote function on smartwatch not working


Spotify remote function on smartwatch not working

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Hi all, my problem is that out of nowhere, the remote function on my Gear S3 smartwatch spotify app no longer works at all. The watch is connected to my Samsung S9 through bluetooth, and the remote worked perfectly fine up until last week when it simply stopped. Now all I get are error messages telling me to either open the app on my phone, or to connect via bluetooth; neither of those make sense, as the devices are already connected! The spotify Connect service seems to work fine between the devices; it's just the basic bluetooth remote that's faulty. When I attempt a remote connection, it DOES open the spotify app on my phone, but immediately afterwards I get the error messages. I can't find a trace of anyone else having this problem, so I'm stumped. I've tried reinstalling the apps on both devices, I've tried hard resetting the watch, I've even tried using a spotify test account. Same result every time, being nothing. Anyone have a clue what this gremlin is?

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Sorry, @Jauza, missed it.  But thanks anyway 🙂  


Going to the old version probably will work, but it will be BEST if Spotify wakes up and fix this. I have talked to them for 2 weeks now and still they say they do not have an update on the issue

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I agree


I'm experiencing the same problem.  It's like something changed with Samsung update or something...


Hi, I've discovered another solution for myself. Since I have a mobile phone contract with a large data volume, I have coupled my Gear S3 to my hotspot. So Spotify works over the clock again, but only over the WiFi hotspot of my mobile phone.
This should help to bridge the time to the official solution of the problem by Spotify. And I don't have to install an old version and make sure that it doesn't update itself again automatically.

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 This is a known software issue which is being investigated, you can vote for the issue to be resolved here:


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It took half a year, but my Gear Fit2 Pro updated it's Spotify app couple hours ago and the Remote mode works now! Version number of my Gear's Spotify app is now 1.1.28 (I think the old version number was 1.1.23).


Hopefully the update will be available on other Samsung smart watches/activity trackers too!


yeah I redownload it like a month ago and its working fine now