Sptfy.link - Custom Short Spotify URLs


Sptfy.link - Custom Short Spotify URLs


For a while now I have been using Sptfy.com's awesome short URL service and can not fault it - In fact, I love the idea so much I decided to create my own exclusive Spotify short domain URL Sptfy.link


Choosing the right short URL provider took a while as they are so many to choose from. In the end, I decided to use Short.io white label services. They offer a totally free account and domain service, which is perfect for testing out your ideas.


I have a passion for playlists and helping other indie artists get discovered and their music heard. Unlike Sptfy.com my vanity URLs are private and exclusive for my supporters. I create all the short URLs and maintain them all from within the Short.io awesome dashboard.


Why use Short URLs?

Short URLs are great for marketing and tracking clicks etc... but for me, it's the personalisation and ranking higher for the chosen URL keywords also being search engine friendly is an absolute bonus.


Live example: sptfy.link/lofi


I have also created short URLs for:

 iTunes and Apple Music - Example app-le.link/indie

YouTube Music Videos - Example u-tube.link/isabellefries


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