'Still life' Indie Chill Mix - What are you listening to?


'Still life' Indie Chill Mix - What are you listening to?


Hey Fellow Musicians, Music Curators, and Music Peeps,


My name is Michael Whitty. I am new to working with the community page on Spotify but not new with curating playlists. I currently study Musical Theatre in New York City, but have a passion not only in performance but in Music Production and Music Curation. Attached is my Indie/Electronic/Chill mix called 'Still Life.' The music in the playlist is very raw and contains a lot of emotions within the lyrics. Feel free to give it a listen, and if you like what you hear, follow the playlist! I make sure to update the playlist every week with new music that I find/come across. I love incorporating smaller artists especially, because I think it is important to shed some light on the hidden talent that not everyone notices all the time.


I would also like to hear from you. What's on your playlist? I'd love to give it a listen.


Looking to make some awesome music curator friends that might want to collaborate on a playlist idea. I am open to anything, just let me know!


Thanks so much,


Michael Whitty

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Casual Listener

I don't know where u found these songs but i like 97% of them...Good job!


Hey man! Thanks, the playlist has gotten a little stale, but I am working on it right now and doing my weekly update. Give it a listen in the next couple days, get back to me if you'd like? Thank you!



Music Fan

Hey check out my playlist it’s totally relaxing and chill music.


Great playlist you created by the way.