Sudden access problems


Sudden access problems


After years of use I keep getting messages saying "Application quit unexpectedly" and asking me to try again. I used to be able to simply click on the Spotify icon. When I try again the same message reappears. I decided to set up Spotify again and following this a message asks me to Install Adobe Flash. I do so but it still makes no difference. In fact I subsequently get a message saying that my installation (of Spotify) has failed. I have to say that after many years of very easy use this is totally frustrating. I use an Apple Mac and try access via Safari. Can anyone help me and advise why this has happened out of the blue? Thanks so much.

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I just had the same issue (I have a Mac version 10.5). Apparently, the new Spotify update won't allow it to run on Mac 10.5.  But fortunately there is a solution to this:


(Thanks to, Jindurain)

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Peter's original instructions work if you download the 8.5 version from instead of the link provided in Peter's original post (that version recreates the crash). Thanks! 


Hopes this helps. (If the link doesn't work Try this.)