Summer Haze


Summer Haze

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Hi Spotify community!

I've been a spotify member for several years now and have been making seasonal playlists for about 3 years. Music has really helped me get through a lot and making playlist has been a passion of mine for some time. I love to discover new music and share it with friends and loved ones. I also love going to shows and seeing these new bands live. I enjoy putting a story together mostly made up of new or unknown bands. Thanks to the Discovery feature on Spotify, this has blown up and has taken me on an amazing musical journey.


I'd love to share that with you. 


Check out my profile and summer playlist (linked). Please follow and feel free to spread the music around because at the end of the day it's about exposure for the bands and spreading good music around. Please give me some feedback and enjoy the chill tunes.

Currently working on my fall playlist...stay tuned! 


Thanks all!!

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