TBT....Léon The Professional (1994) Soundtrack!!!


TBT....Léon The Professional (1994) Soundtrack!!!

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Léon: The Professional 1994Léon: The Professional 1994


I was watching Jackie (2016), a movie starring the beautiful Natalie Portman and that made me think about the first time I saw her and it was in this movie Léon: The Professional She was as beautiful as she is now but she was 11 years old in Léon.


The movie left me shocked and I loved it. IMO it's one of the best of Jean Reno's role as Léon. The original character was born in the movie Nikita (1990) where Reno played as Victor which almost had the same character and both movies were directed by Luc Besson. Also a great performance by Gary Oldman, this is one of my favorite scenes from the movie is the Motzart scene.


Some consider this as a cult movie but if you haven’t seen it, it’s an excellent show for your weekend and you will have a good time watching it.



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