Texas Chainsaw Ads


Texas Chainsaw Ads


I've been hearing the Texas Chainsaw ads several times now.

The ads contain a scary image with bloodcurdling screams that always make me scream when it suddenly comes on.

Is there any way to get rid of them ??

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There is currently no way to filter the adverts you receive in the Spotify client. 

If you would like to see this implemented as a feature, share your kudos and comments on this ideas topic.



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Yeah, I don't want to hear about a guy wearing a human face, going around butchering people. Just the same as I don't want to hear ads for condoms. C'mon, what's with the horrible ads lately?! Did nobody think these would bother people!?


I couldnt agree more to these and sorry but idiotic commercials about horror movies and condoms. Please explain to me the results of spotify being on in some household where there are young children and then suddenly this ad pops up about the chainsaw man with the girl screeming and sound from a chainsaw going through a body? How did you even think when you guys put this add upp? And by the way im not even that young but it doesnt matter i still get scared when this darn add pops up...