The Hype Killer


The Hype Killer


So I was in a really good mood, listening to real up lifting songs and all that, then BOOM! Rape advert comes on.


This killed the mood. I mean it really brang it down. It's not like I could then jump back to listening to All Star by Smashmouth instently after hearing about a girls rape experiance. She also takes forever to get the whole story out thus draging the whole depressing mood out for what seems like an hour.


It's this type of sh*t that makes me want to go back to windows media player. Least that doesn't go 'Oh I can see you're in an up lifting mood let me play you the sound of this traumatised girl'.


I get you want to raise awareness and everything, but don't do it via peoples music. Thats how some people make it through the day.


But saying this, it could be a marketing scheme for people to buy premium and stop the ads playing that ruin their day completely... Still though, this is not the way to go about doing it.


Just adding to this aswell, you seem to have a bug when I play my own songs... you don't. I get though about two songs then silence. The song ''plays'' but no song actually plays untill I switch tabs and start the song again. It's annoying and (again) makes me want to go back to WMP. Which plays all of my songs without fail.


So really the only thing left to say is: The faq Spotify?


Oh and I'm new here... the only reason I joined was to tell spotify to sort it out.

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


The adverts are annoying, there is no doubt about that, but Spotify have got to get revenue from the free client somehow. There is a topic over on the Ideas Exchange here about allowing users to filter adverts, so I would suggest you add your kudos and comments to that idea if you would like that functionality. As you said in your post, you can remove the adverts at any time by purchases either an unlimited or premium subscription. 


As for your playback issue, many members report that issues regarding local file playback dissappear when they install Apple Quicktime, so if you don't already have that installed I would give it a go (it appears to install missing codecs). You can download it directly from apple here.



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I understand that Spotify make their money from ad revenue, but I don't understand why an advert vividly describing a woman's experience being raped should be played AT ALL.  I was listening to music with my 5-year-old brother when this advert came on, and as a result my parents blame me for him picking up the word 'rape'.  Thanks Spotify!


Personally, I have been getting a lot of ads from Verizon's "It Can Wait" campaign.  It's safe for work, but it's horirbly depressing.  It's a lady talking about her son being paralyzed from the diaphragm down, and how the other person was texting while driving.


"I've been told the text was 'I'm on my way'.  Was the text that important?  That would be my question for her."


The entire time, this lady talking is on the verge of tears, you can hear it in her voice.  It's shaky, it's weak, and it's depressing.  I do NOT want to be listneing to this advertisement on a Sunday morning when I'm relaxing with Coffee.  I'm completely OK with advertisements, I understand why they run them, but can they please not run super depressing ones?  Keep those on YouTube, where viewing them is optional.  Don't force me to listen to something that almost makes me cry every ten minutes as well.