The Sonos Integration is Awful


The Sonos Integration is Awful


Seriously... it works like 40% of the time. First, I can't play my liked songs on shuffle because I have too many songs. Secondly, Spotify connects to my Sonos speakers less than half the time. Half the time, the speaker doesn't show up in Spotify until I reboot it. Then when I try to connect it, it blinks on and off saying "Connecting..." but then never does. Doesn't matter how much I reboot my phone, speakers, or WiFi router -- it still works less than half the time. 


Yes, I'm running the latest versions of iOS, Sonos, Spotify, WiFi firmware. 


Can you guys swing some developers over to this integration and just fix it once and for all? 

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Suffering the same problems, reset both apps, router, Sonos device to no avail. Frustrating how bad the Sonos app is as that's the only way I can use it currently.

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Same here with the Sonos not connecting half the time! My Spotify desktop app gets stuck and stops showing the song currently playing. I have to restart the app to get it to show the right song. Then repeat that process again in like a half hour. I also noticed I can't use accurately when connected to Sonos, its delayed up to 15+ hours. I've done the deleting, reinstalling, disconnecting and reconnecting thing too but nothing really works. Glad I'm not the only one with Sonos/Spotify issues.