The Weekend Party Mix


The Weekend Party Mix


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Welcome to ‘The Party’

This is the Beginning,



Have you ever had a mix-tape that is just awesome? Over time though it’s still great, but it’s lacking new exciting tracks. The weekend party mix is just that! A playlist up to date with perfect fresh tracks to get the whole crew dancing and chanting those lyrics.

Let me clear the air, yes this a blog for a Spotify playlist and yes I have little experience.


My name; Aaron and currently living down under, Australia. Of course the set of tracks will be my personal opinion on what I would like to believe is the best up to date playlist. For a short period I lived in America where I was accepted as an online radio DJ. I played various genres and was known to be a people pleaser with games, interviews and countdowns. During that time I moved back to Australia. My tastes expanded, but I had moved away from media… until now.


Request songs to be added, removed or Modified(remixed versions)! I don’t care if you disagree or agree. This is just a small project which I would like to run to spotlight potentially great artists and have a sweet playlist you can chuck on at any party.

Lastly I would like all to be friendly and respectful. Lets get it Kickin’


Aaron S

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Hey @quaweds welcome to the Spotify Community. Just as an FYI, I've moved your playlist over to the Mood Playlist Exchange, thanks for sharing it.

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Hey Aaron, that's a quality playlist. I listen to a lot of the same sorta stuff as you (Robin Schultz, DJ Snake, Dillon Francis, Zhu). Check out some of these songs and see if you like them.