These silly ads


These silly ads


I can take a few ads here an there for a free product, but can't you at least try to keep those ads pointed to me, the listener?

Me, as a fanatical metalhead and avid disliker of pretty much everything else still get ads about popmusic and "new super albums from the #1 artist liked by 12 year old girls"


Do you see where I'm going with this? no? Well, how about you tailor some ads depending on whatever the user listen to the most


I'm not a paying subscriber to this service cause I deem it pretty sub-par to my listening habits bandwise, it's not bad but far from complete and there is much I'm missing at the moment and the recomended bands section is sometimes blatantly failing.


Which is why i think this miht be a good step towards getting more subscribing customers, since getting a Laleh or whatever ad in the middle of a mental blastbeat and stomachturning growls is more than just offputting and it's forcing me back to my MP3s and recordcollection. I like the service, but it's not quite there yet!

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There is an idea for that, you can check it out here. Add your kudos there if you like 🙂

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Hi there Claw


I'm new to this service and I'm not finding much wrong with it but I'm on Premium. No annoying ads to interrupt the music and it's put out at a higher quality too. 


Yes there are gaps in the catalogue but I reckon this will be less and less over time. 


I know we sometimes get suggested stuff that seems weird but nobody is making us listen to it!