This is plainly insulting, Rocio


This is plainly insulting, Rocio


I am talking about the "Reporting Incorrect Track Info" thread.


That thread started with instruction how to report track problems, provided by Rorey.


Then people talked, among other things, that the suggested method does not really work. Because track problems have been reported, but never fixed by Spotify/providers, sometimes months after they have been reported.


Now Rocio comes to the thread, ignores these posts, reposts the same instructions, and closes the thread??? How pathtetic is that, gag your customers? Rocio, where did you learn how to handle customer relations, in communist Russia?

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Sorry to hear you felt on that way....:(


We were trying our best and decided that the best way to fix all that incorrect metadata is sending you guys to the contact form....that threads purpose was purely informative and you can see that in the first post.


People were getting frustated since that wrong data has not been fixed since that thread is not the right place to report it...


So my intention on locking the thread was actually to help customers to send their requests to the right place.


Thanks and sorry to hear nothing has been fixed...but content team is working on better processes in order to get it fix asap. 



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Use the "Accept as solution" button if your problem has been solved 🙂

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OK. I am sorry if - I see it now - I may have been too harsh, but I am really getting frustrated with Spotify.


Some of my favorite albums have not been fixed for months.