Those anoying three dots


Those anoying three dots

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Hi there!! I'm not sure if this is the right Place to go..
I love the idea, and the product Spotify provide and I use it serveral hour's a day. Much of that time is from a android phone. Generally I don't have much trouble with the app.

But!! Why does those three dots(the menu button) for each song have to be so small!? I always end up either scrolling or start the song I only intended to queue.. this is really the only negative thing I gotta say and it's so small and silly xD

Please spotify! Can you make that button wider/easier to hit for goofy fingers like mine?? xD
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Hello @DannerD3H , welcome to the community.

You are not alone in having that problem. There is currently a topic about this in the idea exchange. Show your support by adding kudos and comments there!

Link to idea:


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Thx for the link!! Will do 😉