Top 10 David Bowie songs


Top 10 David Bowie songs



No doubt this will be a debated topic, as it should be. With a catalogue like Bowie's it's next to impossible to narrow down and rank a top ten. But what better way to respect his memory than to discuss his work?


My personal Top 10:

1. Heroes (it's everyone's favorite but it's perfection)

2. Ashes to Ashes

3. Oh! You Pretty Things

4. Space Oddity

5. Life on Mars?

6. Rebel Rebel

7. Modern Love

8. All The Young Dudes (let's not forget it was written by Bowie)

9. Lazarus

10. Sound and Vision

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I would say that it's impossible to choose only 10 songs but making a great effort:


1.Space oddity

2.Life on Mars?


4.Ashes to ashes


6.Ziggy Stardust


8.Modern love

9.Thursday's child

10.Sound and vision

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Let's see if I can get just 10!


1.Width Of A Circle

2.Panic In Detroit

3.Life On Mars

4.Station To Station


6.Modern Love

7.Ziggy Stardust

8.Rebel Rebel


10.The Man Who Sold The World

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Alright, I wanna share my top 10 Bowie songs, in order of preference!!

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Total agree with your rating @meahtenoha,


Heroes and Rebel Rebel are played in my office constantly these days!


(Unfortunately, Peter Gabriels version of Heroes from his Scratch My Back album is not available here in Norway..*sad*..)


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The sound and texture found on Hunky Dory are what makes Bowie so special to me.  

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Here is my David Bowie Top List . in any order




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Honestly, i think the magnificence of his last album deserves a top spot on all musiclist, regardless of genre, language and even releasedate.. 

He was always into concepts and theatrical elements, and Blackstar was a **bleep**ing Requiemonly matched by Mozart's likewise. 


But if i had to make a list it would be:

1: Life on Mars

2: Space Oddity

3: Blackstar

4: Lazarus

5: Golden years

6: Heroes

7: Im afraid of americans

8. Ashes to Ashes

9: Man who sold the world

10: Rebel rebel


Tough to choose, but here goes:


1. Space Oddity

2, Changes

3. The Man Who Sold The World

4. Ziggy Stardust

5. Heroes

6. Starman

7. Ashes to Ashes

8. Rebel Rebel

9. Young Americans

10. Moonage Daydream


That was tough, how can you pick just 10 he had so many great song!




I'm very late to the plate with this, but as I'm a noob I'm going for it anyway. Any chance to spread the Bowie gospel  🙂 


There's some great Top 10's here.


Here is my personal Top 10 in no particular order.


  • Cracked Actor
  • Width Of a Circle
  • Watch That Man
  • TVC15
  • The Heart's Filthy Lesson
  • Boys Keep Swinging
  • Scary Monsters
  • Diamond Dogs
  • Fame
  • Station To station


This is an old thread... but a good one! It is very hard to pick 10, but ....

1. Moonage Daydream
2. Lady Stardust
3. Life On Mars
4. Quicksand
5. Oh You Pretty Things
6. Rock n Roll Suicide
7. Starman
8. The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
9. Dollar Days
10. Rebel Rebel

That was soooooo hard! It still doesn't feel right lol!