Trying to define my genre


Trying to define my genre


Hi All! I’m trying to work out which genre to put myself under besides claiming the umbrella of ‘electronic music’. All thought appreicated!

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Hey @spiralight_,


Nice tune! We've had it spinning here in the office and we're enjoying it a lot.


Bear in mind, I'm no electronic music connoisseur, but here's some initial thoughts on your sound that might help.


'Paris' definitely has an ambience to it; it's reminiscent of something like Washed Out or Boards of Canada on first listen. Kind of warm, synth-led, chillwave.


'Hanging Out In Your Backyard' definitely had a touch of Aphex Twin or Autechre to it - much more structured melody, a bit glitchier.


But then, tracks like 'Creation' have a more defined beat to them that sound a little more like Four Tet or Flying Lotus than anything else. There's also some field recording elements in stuff like 'Berkeley LAX Beijing Tokyo' which is nice.


Hopefully there's some keywords and similar artists in there that help you define a more specific genre.

Thanks for sharing!