Universal Windows 10 App


Universal Windows 10 App

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Does anyone know if there are plans for a universal windows 10 app (phone, tablet/pc, and Xbox)? Because, the current phone app is great on windows phone 8.1 but crashes on windows 10 mobile sometimes, and the PC program is great, but for a tablet it'd be nice to have a lighter weight option, and even on desktop it'd be nice. And with PS4 getting Spotify Xbox needs it too.

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Windows 10 Mobile app is absolutely appalling so I really do hope they improve it at least..

I have a Lumia 950 XL and the text sizes are absolutely ridiculous, and it doesn't scale to the bottom of the screen. Really unacceptable for such a big company.

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Universal app for windows 10 would be fantastic. One app across desktops, xbox and phones running windows 10


Look at this Design. I Hope they wil use this Design for Windows 10 Mobile 😮 because i have a Windows Phone with Windows 10 😮


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You can vote also this similar idea which has more than 900 kudos. https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/Spotify-app-for-Windows-10-Windows-phones-Tablets-PC-and...

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Windows Mobile 10 app is crashing at startup for every launch. Spotify: please have your windows mobile app developer look into this one. I can only launch Spotify on my Lumia 950 if I restart the phone. any subsequent launch fails, and the error is to do with the audio engine in Windows phone. see attached error message. however, restarting the app doesn't work..the entire phone must be restarted for every spotify launch now! Not good..