“Up next” order on CarPlay


“Up next” order on CarPlay

Casual Listener


I’ve been having some issues with spotify lately and it’s been driving me through the roof!!

My issue is with the “up next” function, I usually like to select the order of my songs prior to hopping in the car rather than having to skip through them. 

However, when I plug my phone into CarPlay, it completely ignores the songs I have either removed from CarPlay or had them as up next. It just goes back to how it was normally playing. 


I’m on an iPhone XS Max running on IOS 13.5.1

Spotify Version

CarPlay on an RCD330


I’ve never had this issue before until about February or March. 


I will try using a different iPhone on iOS 12 to see if the issue persists. 

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Casual Listener
So, I’ve tested it on iOS 12.4.1 and my up next order works perfectly fine.
I’m still facing issues with this and would be appreciative if it can be looked into?

Many thanks,