Very limited selection of music in premium


Very limited selection of music in premium

First of all Spotify has been extremely hard to contact for help with my issue.

Second. For the past two months my fully paid Spotify account has only been letting me listen to a very small portion of its songs. Either a song doesn't play period or it stops playing 10-12 seconds into the song. I have tried everything from restarting my phone, re downloading the app - I even purchased a new phone because of unrelated issue. Nothing has helped. Spotify has been more than happy to continue to take my payments without giving me their premium service. This is extremely disappointing because of all the music services out their I really really enjoyed Spotify. Hopefully this message is relayed to someone at Spotify and hopefully they can stop losing customers due to this issue.
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Hey! @disapointed2

That's no cool


First up, let’s try a good reinstall. Here’s how.


Let us know how it goes.


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