We used to be able to filter musics in the Artist page by using ctrl+F shortcut


We used to be able to filter musics in the Artist page by using ctrl+F shortcut

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Hello Spotify,


I know that you removed this feature some updates ago, but we all believed that you would bring it back.


It was a core feature so that I felt like Icould easily find a track in spotify.


Today, I got spotify 1.0 update, and I was sad because I didn't see this feature back. Where are the tools for power-user going?

I think this is the problem when some people wonder if you go the good way. You should take care of power-users. We love music too.


The problem is that the filter feature is so hidden in the interface, that people don't even know if it exists.


Please put a proper filter feature in spotify with more accesibility and this will be a first step in the good direction.

what is the need for that
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I came here to post the same thing.  When I launched Spotify just now and saw the revamped UI the first thing I did was see if they brought ctrl+f back to the artist page... nope.


It was a great feature that I used quite often.  Finding a specific song by a specific artist is much more cumbersome without it.


Oh and keyboard volume still doesn't work when Spotify is the application with focus.  If the speculation that this is due to requirements by advertisers is true, then I'm very disappointed.  Even moreso being a premium member.

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Spotify have confirmed (a while ago) filtering on artist/album pages will return but we are yet to see it sadly:

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