What was the first song you ever heard, and what was your most recent song?


What was the first song you ever heard, and what was your most recent song?


I thought it would be fun to compare the first song you ever heard, with the most recent one.


Did the first track you ever listened to guide you to the songs you listen to today, or send you running to another genre?


My first ever track (from memory) was Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi:




My most recent was 1-800 by Logic:




Let me know yours! 

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My first ever track (I was a kid when it came out) was Black Or White by Michael Jackson. I've been a fan of pop because of this track:



And my most recent track is:



Wow @rossi1911, both excellent tracks!

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You bring definitely happy memories to my mind @Chris, when I was very little my mother used to listen The Platters a lot and there’s one particular song that I was….I’m in love with….




And even when you grow up and things change this sons it’s going to be with my forever….know the last one….let me put this one that is the most recent song that hit me….





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I have no idea what was the first song I ever heard.
I remember myself wondering about drum patterns when I was... 3, maybe?

Also remembering this big white Mercedes van, sitting on the passenger seat and Ricky Martin's 'She Bangs' playing from the radio. Was a big hit that time.
And another memory of me shredding textile to bits for my toys whilst listening to In-Grid's "You Promised Me". Was also a radio hit.

It was my mother playing one Kontor record which had "Waterfall" by Atlantic Ocean on it and I really loved this sort of bell/xylophone sound in it.. and I could say proudly that I listened to drum&bass, even though it consisted of one song only. 😉
That introduced me to the electronic music world, still.

I do have to give the following track because it is from the first CD I ever owned. I danced myself crazy to the dancy bits of the album. I killed the cassette player to it... and the computer... Then the CD-player went, and VHS decided to go on a hiatus.. : )


The latest track:
(It's so darn beautiful!)

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I don't think my music taste has changed that much. I remember hearing this song from my dad when I was around four years old at the minimum. I would hear it blasting in the living room when I was supposed to be asleep.
You'd think this would be a weird track to hear when you were so young. But not for me. My dad was always a big post-grunge influencer and this helped me guide me to my current taste.
I don't really listen to recent music, so I'm always listening to older (early 2000s-Late 2000s) post-grunge music usually. I heard this this morning for the first time on a bus. I couldn't hear it that well but I loved it. I shazam'd it and listened to it when I got home. No regrets.
All in all, I don't think my main music taste changed that much. I've recently been getting into reggae, but it still isn't my main genre. 


I'm not sure I remember the first song I ever heard but the first song I remember that I had a very strong opinion about was none other than Don McLean's "American Pie." When I was five years old I actually brought a boom box and my parents' Don McLean greatest hits album to class and played "American Pie" for show and tell while singing the song for way longer than I should have. Thinking back that is one of the most embarassing moments from my childhood and I was made fun of relentlessly for singing in front of the class. However, now that I am older and wiser I can't believe a five year old had such good  music taste.   



The most recent song I listened to was "Rip Van Winkle" by Shannon and the Clams. No embarassing childhood stories to accompany this one; it is just a really good song from a really good band. It is entirely possible that without Don McLean (and other artists from the 70s that my parents listended to) carving out the foundation of my music taste I would not have found many of the bands I listen to, including Shannon and the Clams.




My first ever track was




and the most recent (which I am playing on repeat because I'm so excited for the new album)