Which genre?


Which genre?




I've made an EP with both meditative and heavy eletronic music. In which genre would you place the songs? I'm not entirely sure myself since I've just followed my intuition when I write.



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Hey @magnusmurel


You make some interesting tunes there!


To answer your question - I don't know either. I'm not a genre specialist either, but there are a few artists your music reminds me of - none of them have a specific genre.

I like Meditation. It reminds me of the light version of Night Falls (Hecq) and beatless versions of some Future Sounds of London tunes.


I don't think it's very important to fit into a genre. I think of genres as a way to provide the potential listener what they can expect to hear when they press play, but the artist should have the freedom to make music without caring much about the genre.

I listen to lots of music that I don't know the exact genre of, so it's cool. 🙂


But when to really think what it might be, then ambient to some form of downtempo.


You seem to be making movie scores? (your Spotify page)

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Hey @Sebasty


Tnx for the response. I was looking for the genre to make it easier to pitch to blogs and playlists. I will listen to the artists your mentioned and see if that helps me 🙂


Yes, I do make a lot of music for film and tv, recently also dance. Feel free to check out my homepage www.norwegiansounds.com.