Why I love Spotify


Why I love Spotify


I have been using Spotify for a while now, I do a lot of programming and online work. In the past, I used to listen to youtube and it was ok but the sound quality was not the best. Later Youtube began implementing lots of ads it got unbearable, plus the having to wait several seconds to skip the add and continue to play music.


I was turned on to Spotify by my son and find it to be an incredible platform, even the free version rocks. The free version offers decent sound quality and in spite of there being ads they are not intrusive and do not long last long. 


The playlists are very flexible and the abiltity to create my own channels and my daily mix makes spotify one of the best music platforms available. Overall I am very satisfied with Spotify and my Christmass present this year is buying a spotify premium subscription so I can continue to enjoy the many benefits the paid version offers. It really does making work easier and helps me focus when writng on topics I love especially on my personal blog https://nootropicsreviewed.com





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