Why I'm Leaving Spotify - No Radio on Sonos


Why I'm Leaving Spotify - No Radio on Sonos

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Hello Spotify,


I've given you a few months worth of money but the lack of the Radio function for Sonos is really limiting my use of your service so I have decided to cancel my subscription and try out a competitor for a while.


I may come back if you add this functionality to Sonos but until them I'll just be watching from the sidelines.


My suspicion is that I will be waiting a long time as I believe that the reason you aren't working on this functionality is due to your new Spotify Connect system. I guess that system will probably have the radio ability and would therefore have an additional selling point over the Sonos system.


Oh well, at least I understand your reluctance to support the community request for this function.


From what I read in the press, Spotify seem to be losing subscription growth and market share to other providers, particularly Deezer which is eating into your market share. I hope you know why that is and are working on ways to improve your service. Good luck

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Sonos has its own radio function so you don't need spotify to have one as well.



Edit. My bad - misunderstood  'radio'. Ignore this post.

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Sonos can get radio stations but not the Spotify radio playlists.


There has been an idea in this forum for months but there is no progress....


 Add Spotify Radio Function to Sonos