Why did you start curating? Tell your story!


Why did you start curating? Tell your story!


We all have different reasons for curating. So, we would like for you to share your story with us.


But first, why are are we doing this? Like many of you, we've seen Endgame! Most of us know the story of the likes of Nick Fury, Tony Starks, etc. (Yeah, yeah, yeah.. we know Fury is the man! He's to blame for all of the MCU stuff... but that's a story for another topic?. Back to why, we started curating because we were at an event in Hollywood and saw this kid perform. Boy, did he blow our mind with his persona. So, we searched for him on Spotify and noticed that none of the powerhouse Curators or even Spotify had discovered him. That's how our journey started two weeks today (4-30-2019).


We are passionate about new music. We know you are too. So, what's your story?


Enjoy our first playlist ever:




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We curate partly to shamelessly **bleep** our own fine music but also because we genuinely like the tracks by others that make our playlists.  The problem our artists and we have is that our music literally does not fit into any exisiting category very well so it's hard to convince playlist curators to add our tracks.

We're talking about the area  where electronica styles like dubstep, drum'n'bass, trap, triphop etc mix with South Asian, Arabic, Turkish influences. Transglobal beats.

It's not really "world" music. The usual genres don't quite work: a dubstep flavoured track won't be straight dubstep enough to fit in a dubstep palylist, for example. Hence we've started a playlist or two to showcase this music.


Blue as the Turquoise Night

Distant Desert Planets


Not applicable

I curate a World Fusion playlist because I couldn't find any good ones. The genre seems grossly misunderstood, or not yet defined. So I've taken it upon myself to figure it out as I go - each time I find a great new track, it helps me realize what I'm looking for. Spotify is really helpful for discovering new bands to add, but I have to go about it in the right way to find the little bands who are worth discovering, and they are what give my playlist value. I also asked a lot of knowledgable friends for suggestions when I started this playlist, and they came up with a lot of bands I had never heard of. Now strangers send me suggestions, so that's another way I am getting introduced to a lot of music I would never hear otherwise.



Throughout history people have kept things they loved in good condition whatever it was that they loved.  Music is a passion of mine.  There's not enough time in the day to try and find all the excellent undiscovered talent out there.  


I used to be in the "new music is trash" group of thinking before Spotify.  I would have to go to underground music venue places or bars to listen to that local music.  Spotify brought the world together with music.  My music collection has grown to unprecedence levels.  There's still crazy talent that just hasn't been given their due.  Even if I send the music on this wonderful community I still don't think it reaches too many people.  The few people that do take a listen are few and far in between but if one person finds a new song they like from me I feel success.  


I started Spotify in 2015.  It's the only way to listen to music now a days.  Even just the free version is amazing!  One of my favorite projects I've ever done (and continue to add) is my Wife's and mine playlist.  Every weekend I create a little playoff with all the new songs that came out on Friday and she picks out her top 3 or whatever based on how many songs I liked that week.  I've been doing this for two years.  I am a little behind right now because my wife has been busy with work lately. 











I love that all the artists do not have that many views in your playlist.  A collection of hidden talent. 


"Ice Cream" 

I noticed someone else on this community that also recommended me this song.  It's nice.  


My favorite tracks on your playlist (I feel like a lot of messages on here do not focus on feedback)  Here's my 3 favorite tracks and a few I didn't like.

1) Lately by Tudor

2) Night by Keyz Vango

3) We Were Young by Judd Hoos

I don't really like all that EDM type sounds.  I mean sometimes I can like it.  It's just a case by case basis.  The least liked song for me was "Not About Me" by Arjun Asthana 



Vince, this is a very candid and engaging thought process. We love your playlists and we will follow. Your genre is not conventional. But it is totally rhythmic and lovable. Thanks for sharing.


EliseF, I can see how it would be difficult to find a playlist that has this type of collection. Your collection is truly unique. I can see how this would be time consuming. Great work! Thank you for sharing your story. Gave you a thumbs up.


Musicorumgenius, this is so cool. The "new music is trash" POV is very pervasive! You are luck that you got rid of it. We find new music to be inspiring and contagious. Most of our playlists are new music, and it is hard to find fans and followers when your music is not mainstream. Hence our commitment to these wonderful artists. We are expanding into music by established artists as well just to help our brand build some traction. Great post!


Musicorumgenius, great insight. Thanks for the info. We will be updating our playlist, and we agree "Not About Me" is one of the first that will be removed. Thanks for the follow and for listening. We appreciate all the support we can get.