Wrong Artist attributed to Song


Wrong Artist attributed to Song




I'm new to Spotify, so I'm not sure if this is the right place for posting about songs attributed to the wrong artist or not, but this seemed like the place.


There's a great rock group from Texas called LIONS and their content is being attributed to another group of the same name, although that band is based in L.A. (Search "Girl from the North Country" as a song, found on a Sons of Anarchy soundtrack--this is by the band LIONS from Texas, not the L.A. band of the same name.) For a quick look at the Texas band's discography, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lions_(band)



I'm wondering if 1) Spotify can correct that and avoid conflating the two very different bands, and 2) if (or maybe how) Spotify can get more of their great music on here. 


Thanks in advance for your time!

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Hello, @Sbruso! To answer your questions:

1. You can report incorrect track info following all the steps outlined in this guide.
2. As to your second question, the answer lies in this thread (point 5).