Wrong songs


Wrong songs

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Hi everyone.

I ask help cause in the Album "Still Not Getting Any" by Simple Plan not all songs match with the title. For example "Perfect World" is "Me against the world" or "Thank you" is "Everytime" . How can i report this to someone?

Thank you
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I have also had this issue before, and while it is irritating, the easiest wsy to fix it is by simply closing Spotify, and the re-opening it. For me, this worked almost all of the time. Also, since the recent slew of updates I haven't had this problem anymore, so it might help to see if you have the latest version installed, by going to the Help tab > About Spotify > should read If worse comes to worse, simply do the good ol' uninstall and reinstall. As for reporting these issues, simply contact Spotify support. (https://support.spotify.com)

Hope this helped you.



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Thanks for your reply. I have to contact the support. This problem is only with this Album and on all my devices. Iphone, Ipad, PC. Tried to re-install but the problem wasn't solved.


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Confirming that this is still an issue. I opened up an old playlist and noticed something was wrong, Me against the world didn't sound like it used to. Not sure if these were correct at one point or if I didn't listen through the playlist when I initially created it around 2013.