Wrongly tagged in Blackpink Profile


Wrongly tagged in Blackpink Profile


Hi spotify,

I am very dissappointed that BTS is tagged in Blackpink profilw. As a personal suggestion, an artist should have their personal and unique profiles, not tagged with other kpop groups such as 2NE1 or BTS.

If you telling me 2NE1 is tagged in as they are same group then i am fine. However , BTS is not under YFG ENTERTAINMENT , they are under Bighit entertainment instead, And i blelieve they donot give YG the right and aggreement to tag their artist in another artist in .

I know this is done by the YG entertainment themselves, but i hope you can inform them about this issue as BTS is a registered trademark and YG did not have any proof they have agreement about sharing this trademark with BTS'S ENTERTAINMENT .

Thank you

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Agree! And also @spotify can i ask you something important? Did your team write artist BlackPink’ profile on spotify? Did your team have an agreement before with YG (BlackPink’ company/agency) about the profile?