convince me my inner indiekid isnt dead


convince me my inner indiekid isnt dead


Hi everyone. I am looking for some indie recommendations.


when i was a teenager a long time ago i discovered the world of indie and fell into it head first. i thought myself pretty cool and up to date on new talent and whoever the darlings were at the time. i used various online resources to stay informed. but then i became an adult and got too busy to spend all my time searching and downloading so i lost touch with the genre. i just recently got spotify and am finding myself able to rediscover my past loves. some i still enjoy, others i seem to have grown out of. alot it seems, i have grown out of. i find it lyrically to not always be as complex as i like, and sometimes the musicians arent very proficient. when its done right, its really good, but its a genre filled with beginners in the industry, and sometimes greatness comes with experience. 


i love what the genre typically stands for, and the themes it often represents, so i am hoping people who are still more knowledgeable than me (which isnt hard, admittedly) about this genre can make some recommendations. mostly indie rock or folk please however i am a pretty open minded person and if you think its a great song please tell me about it. 

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@coalminecanary great threads, very thought provoking and relatable!


indie has always been a favourite genre and subgenre of everything else


i was happy to see these fellows return this year ^_^