dåligt med bara 30 dagar


dåligt med bara 30 dagar

Gillar inte att man måste ladda hem låtarna igen efter 30 dagar för att kunna ha på offline mode. Var därför vi skaffade premium. Dåligt av Spotify! Har bara mobilt bredband så då går det mycket av surfen...
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Hey there.


Thanks for comment and sorry about English answer.


Spotify is designed to keep Offline content in Offline mode for month. If you can't log in in this time online, content will be removed and need to redownload. I'm sorry that you used a lot mobile data for this.


You can save money and data in one simple way. In Spotify settings you can see before what day you need to go online with app to renew Offline content for month. You can do this in second in mobile network or Wifi and then you can go back to Offline mode, simple.


Please let me know if any issues.