frivolous copyright infringement


frivolous copyright infringement

Casual Listener

Hello all. Looking for guidance.

20 days ago, a record label filed a frivolous copyright infringement claim against one of my songs on Spotify, Google Play and Itunes. My distributor Tunecore immediately took down the song from all stores. I filed  a counter claim and wan. Tunecore restore my track to good standing. We also sent the label a cease and desist noticed. 

Problem: Spotify has not let the track go live since the take down. I will like for the track to be added with the same number of streems we previously had. 

Last, i will like to know how can i combat this take downs that are unfair to us and cost us money. Thanks 

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Sorry to hear about that.

Your best bet will be to contact Spotify Artist support, you can do this here where they'll be able to assist you with getting your music back on Spotify.


Regarding future copyright notices, unfortunately, there is no way to prevent further copyright notices.


Hope this helps, 

 - James 🙂

Casual Listener

thanks I will give that a try!