how do you greive when a favourite musician passes away?


how do you greive when a favourite musician passes away?


so today i am dealing with the death of a long time loved musician Gord Downie. i posted before about when i fell inlove with the tragically hip so i do not need to repeat it but safe to say that this band has been a staple of my music collection since the days of cassettes. 


I am a little conflicted about how one goes about greiving the loss of someone admired, but who is a total stranger. all i know of him are his songs. i think this is the first time that one of my favourite artists has passed on after my introduction to them. alot of other musicians died before i knew their music. i wasnt really personally affected by resent losses like prince or bowie or petty etc. i appreciated them, even admired their acomplishments but their music wasnt really a part of my life. 


but this group was, and is. anyway i said i wouldnt repeat about how important they are in my life but i have lol oh well. that all being said 


how do you greive when one of your favourite musicians dies. do you put on their music and have a bit of a cry? do you make a bunch of posts on a music forum? do you wear their band tshirts and quote them all day? lol i guess thats all there is to do really. 


who have you lost from your music world? feel free to rant about how important they were and are to you. share the links please new tunes are medicine. 

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Ahh! I don't think an artist's death has affected me too much. I did grieve over Chris Cornell though. It didn't hit me too hard after a few days but it was definitely rough for a few long days. I grew up with him. His music. His interviews. I wasn't a huge fan per say, I just loved his music. I just ended up listening to his music again and stress eating telling myself it wasn't true. I literally ate a whole box of Honey Nut Cheerios in 30 minutes. But in all honesty, I would listen to his music and try to take a long relaxing bath to let the emotions go. I wouldn't suggest the eating part. 


lol cheerios arent the worst things to sad-eat. could have been lucky charms, you might not be here. yeah i am just chilling out listening to their music. 


he was as much a part of canada as hockey or tim hortons coffee. feels like the rocky mountains died or something lol. oh well sad days are part of the journey. thanks for the reply. 




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Well, none of my bigger favourites have passed away to my knowledge (hopefully stays that way for a while), so I'm not quite sure what effect it might have on me.

But knowing that I've been in touch with one of them (Sebastian from Sin with Sebastian), and I really love Amon too, it's likely going to hit me hard if something happened to them.

But generally I just stick to music. 🙂


Last time I grieved, I drowned myself in 9gag and all kinds of sweets I could get my hands on. Losing pets is just terrible, and their short lifespan is even worse...

Spotify lends a hand here too... I listen to some mellower tunes those times. L.A Witch could work well for me, a recent discovery. Captain Beefheat usually comes in when I'm generally pissed off by something.


I feel sorry for those saddened listeners and fans when an artist dies.

But that's life, I suppose. Things happen.

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I usually find playing the person's music as a comfort after the said artist has passed away. At least that's what I remember doing when Crowded House drummer Paul Hester passed away, knowing that they made such a mark on the world with their music before dying is something I treasure personally but it's different for everyone. Know somebody who was a massive INXS fan before Michael Hutchence died, she hasn't listened to a INXS song since because it's too painful.