need help : 990 titles on my brewther ???


need help : 990 titles on my brewther ???


I am french , i need help to understand how works tour "lecteur web" ; brewther i presume ? i am not usualy on spotify but i have opened my account today ; what can i See ??? 990 titles available with in it plenty of my own musical works that i dont want to edit ??? I dont know why i can see theese titles in your breether ... It seem that this playsits  is the one of ma ipod , but i never gave an authorisation tu edoit it on web ???

I want to know if when people write my name , they are able to see and listen also theese 990 titles ?

I have in this playlist , several original musical works that i want to edit WHEN I DECIDE ! so , can you answer me ?

 I have composed 7 titles that i decided the edition on web with LANDR but not the other ones .
 Thanks to answer me .



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