new please help


new please help




I have got Spotify Premium and it is very frustrting because I have a number of problems. 


1) My library from itunes is in my spotify in my laptop, but it is not in my spotify in my iphone. All I see on my phone are my friend's playlists - somehow they got there. 


2) I have a bunch of tracks (non music) that were in my itunes, that are confidential, and I don;'t want to share them. But they are in my spotify and I am worried that people can listen to them. Can I delete them from Spotify. How can I tell what is shared and what is not shared. Or is everything shared?  


3) There doesn't seem to be any Getting Started intro video. 


Please help as I don't have my myself and I am about to travel and this all seems a waste of money at the moment and I don't have my music  😞


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Welcome to the Community karizohrab! to get your iTunes Library on your iPhone you have to plug it in to the Computer with Spotify open on your desktop and then make a playlist of your Local Files

2. Spotify Automatically imports all audio files from the Specified folders and located under the Preferences section on the Desktop App, if you don't want them to show up in your Spotify Library imported from iTunes, move them away from the folder that is being imported from iTunes to Spotify. Your Local Files are only accessible by you on your computer. they are not stored on the Spotify Servers therefore they will not be shared with anyone else but you.

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Hey 🙂 


There are also loads of help articles and guides over on the support website:



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