please someone help! advert song request!


please someone help! advert song request!

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i'm looking for the track that was played in a recent advert on Spotify - 


it's a House track and it says "living it up! living it up! living it up! or something along those lines..


it's driving me absolutely crazy, i've been trying to find it for a while now... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!

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Hey there,


it's worth trying to view your listening history. It can be found in the left sidebar under "Queue" and on top of it there's a tab called "History". Ads are displayed too and either the title gives you any hints or you can listen to it again and again (or even record it for us, because most active users in the community are on premium and can't listen to ads :D) I'm not sure if you can right-click on the ad and select "copy http link" but if so, do it and paste it here. Maybe I can listen to it and you don't need to manually record/upload the track.

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i just had a look and couldn't find the ad.. it was a similar add to the 'party starters' ad but the one i'm looking for isn't in my history 😞


the song is called staying up and is by the vamps